Raising Powerful and Confident Girls

Too often, girls’ real feelings and experiences are dismissed. We hear "catty," "mean girls," "girl-fighting," and "drama." Girls don't want to be fighting, but usually don't have an outlet for the genuine anger and disappointment in society's standards for girls.

At Hardy Girls Healthy Women, our mission is to take girls seriously and put the power in their hands to challenge a society that ignores their brilliance. We believe it is not the girl, but the society in which she lives that needs to change. This can only happen when adults learn to how to partner with girls, rather than fix them. At our Parent University session, we'll talk about ways parents can create space at home to learn from and with their daughters, to challenge society together, to foster critical thinking and cause a ruckus. We'll look at society's unreasonable, misleading and damaging messages from our culture: the toxic "soil" in which girls are "planted" and explore ways to counteract this. The good news is, once girls have the tools, they are master activists! Come spend time with us learning how to be an adult ally that dares to stand with girls.

Kelli McCannell is the Executive Director of Hardy Girls Healthy Women. She came to Hardy Girls with over a fifteen years of nonprofit experience including running a local high school dorm and manager of the outreach program at Girl Scouts in San Diego. In addition to recently becoming obsessed with quilting, Kelli holds a masters in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University and a bachelor's in Art. Kelli is the mother of three boys, seven, four and 9 months.

This event took place on December 5th, 2018. Please find a recording of the event and additional resources below!

Resources for further reading and learning:

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