Kids See Color Part Two

Kids See Color Part Two

Portland is the most racially diverse school district in Maine, an attractive community asset for many parents. However, many of us have been socialized to not talk about race. Our kids do see color. They have experiences with and questions about race. How we model race-positive conversations at home influences our children's understanding of their world, and their emerging friendships. This workshop is for parents/guardians of newborns to grade 5.

To better accommodate the large turn out and range of diverse needs, we will be incorporating methods from Open Space Technology to support parents, families, and the community in learning to move ideas and conversation to purposeful, principled action. Learn more at:

This session will help you take steps in this journey, from wherever you are. The action that matters most is moving forward and building the bridge to a more inclusive world for our children.

Presenter Biographies

Catherine Maryse Anderson: Catherine is a former PPS teacher, facilitator, and life long learner in Portland, Maine. She is an adoptive and biological parent of Black and biracial teenage sons, and a champion of public schools.

Erica King: Erica is a Policy Associate at the USM's Muskie School of Public Service. Much of her work has focused on promoting gender and racial equity and data driven practices across justice and education settings. She is also a parent to biracial children.

This event took place on January 26th and March 23rd, 2019. Please find additional resources below!