About Parent U

Our workshops and events help empower parents to be more knowledgeable, confident, and active advocates for students.

Parents play an important role in the healthy development of our children. Through building networks of support and knowledge, we hope to build partnerships between parents, guardians, and Portland Public Schools as we all work towards your student’s success.

Why be involved? Research shows that parents can increase their child’s academic success by being involved in their child’s school and community. When parents engage with their child, we see improvements in student morale, attitude, motivation, and grades. Families play a huge role in their child’s success. Supporting their learning, encouraging resilience, acting as models for lifelong learning, and advocating for the best placements for their child are all ways that families improve student achievement.

Parent University offers workshops that focus on Portland Promise's four priority areas:

ACHIEVEMENT: Workshops to help parents prepare their children for college and career.

WHOLE STUDENT: Workshops related to children’s social and emotional development.

EQUITY: Workshops related to the role of family engagement in student achievement, and how we can help reduce the achievement gap between groups of students.

PEOPLE: Workshops, partnerships, and events that bring together families, schools, and our community in recognition of the strength of our diversity.

All classes are free and will provide food and childcare. Language facilitation is available. We hope to see you there!