What is Parent University?

Parent University is a forum to bring together parents and caregivers to learn from experts and each other. Through classes and events that are fun, interactive, and informative we’ll focus on trending topics important to families. We'll learn about such topics as cultivating a growth mindset – how to help kids succeed in school and life; explore how to use art to discuss sensitive topics with our children; and discuss how to raise healthy and resilient girls – and also healthy and resilient boys.

Parent U is designed to help parents and caregivers prepare and empower their children to succeed in school and in our diverse and ever-changing world. Childcare and refreshments will be provided and interpretation services will be available upon request at all of our classes.

There are no tests, grades, or obligations at Parent University--Feel free to attend as many or as few classes as you're interested in. Take a look at some of our upcoming offerings below, and we hope to see you there!

Events & Classes

Talking Walls
Let's Talk About Walls
Updated on 12/18/2017
Why do we build walls? How and why are they decorated? How do they separate and /or hold communities together? April 8th 3-5 PM 
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Transforming Schools
Transforming Schools: Creating Welcoming Schools for Gender Expansive Students
Updated on 12/16/2017
At this workshop you'll learn why the new Transgender and Gender Expansive Student Policy matters in creating safe and inclusive schools and what it means for Portland students and parents. 
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Navigating Identity
Navigating Identity in a Multicultural Community
Updated on 12/15/2017
Why is it sometimes so challenging to connect across our differences? We'll look at research, share stories, and practice new skills Thursday May 3 at Presumpscot Elementary School. 
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